Boost your earnings in August

Boost your earnings in August

We have an awesome offer for you: we want to keep you motivated by boosting your earnings in August! The best thing about it is that you do not have to work extra for that! How is it possible?

You only have to work  as you would normally do by being online. When your earning reaches $250 or more, we will add an extra 5% to your earnings. Reach $500 or more, and we’ll add 10% to that! It is really easy, isn’t it?

The special promotion runs between August 11 and 25. (All times are CET!)During that time, you will see your earnings and your actual bonus at the top of the Performers Area.

Every account automatically qualify for the bonus earnings but there is one simple rule: you need to have a properly filled out profile page and at least 5 high quality photos in your profile.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or comments!

The Sky(pe) is the limit

We are really excited to announce that we have finished the final tests of our newest feature and from today on you can host private shows using your Skype™ account.

This is an awesome opportunity, as you can offer private shows on the go with chat, voice communication and cam-to-cam. Just think of all the possibilities: you’ll be able to broadcast private shows in nature, from the pool-side, travelling or just walking around in your home. Feel free to use any compatible devices: your phone, a tablet or laptop. We recommend using Skype for occasions, when SoulCams’ classic broadcast method is not available or inconvenient to use.

How does it work?

The process is simple: first, you need to register your Skype™ ID with us (in the Performers Area), and install a small plugin (PayPerMinute). You can do it in your performer account on the very first page at the ’Online through Skype’ box. When finished, just open the PayPerMinute software and log in with the newly created username and password. Make sure, that you are also logged in to your Skype account.

Members will see you as online on Skype and can call you to start a private show. Only active SoulCams members with at least one approved transaction can see your Skype ID and can call you on Skype. After you confirmed the friend request, members will be able to call you using their SoulCams token balance. Your income will appear in your stats right after the Skype show is over.

It’s up to you, how you want to interact with members. You can choose to go online with both options (live stream and Skype) or only one of them. Obviously, Skype has no free area, members can only see you and chat with you when they start a private show.

For a more detailed explanation on how to register your Skype ID and the PayPerMinute plugin and how you can receive Skype calls, please check out our detailed guide:

The wiki page also contains answers to the frequently asked questions.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or comments!

All you need to know about getting paid on time safely


Some of you may have worked as a webcam model for longer. You surely remember the shocking news when one of the biggest payment platforms ePassport went down in September 2010. Many companies lost a lot of money and even more models and affiliates were left with no option to withdraw or spend their money.

Fast forward to May 2018, FirstChoicePay (and the Belize based Choice Bank) went down, again leaving many businesses and people without money. These events show, that if you want your money to be save (and why wouldn’t you?) you should keep it with an established financial institute. Storing your money on a virtual wallet, provided by a dubious company, registered on a Caribic island, with no bank guarantee isn’t exactly safe. It’s more like gambling or Russian-roulette.

What you need is a bank account, with a trustworthy Bank. You might say, that banks can also go bankrupt and you might be right. But the chance is much lower, that an established and prestigious bank would go down from one day to another. We, as a webcam platform must make sure, that we receive our money in time and can safely and legally move that money. You, as a webcam model must also make sure, that you can receive your money and that money is safely kept.

This is why we decided to offer a few tips on how to get paid safely and which companies we trust, when it comes to receiving payments.

The good old bank (bank account)


Having a bank account at a reputable, local bank is what we consider the safest. You can receive money in different currencies (at least in USD and EUR if you want), you can have a debit or credit card and you do not have to worry about losing your hard-earned money. Look around in your country, try to find the best deal. Remember, cheap is not always the best!



TransferWise is a London-based money transfer service. After registration, you get your own bank account number (IBAN) and can receive money in all major currencies like EUR, USD, GBP, CAD and many more. You can also get your own debit card that you can use at ATMs all over the world or pay directly in shops. They have a very transparent pricing scheme so you will not get and surprises in form of hidden costs.
Transferwise is also available for Ukranian and Russian people and they issue card to these countries as well.
TransferWise is on the market since 2011 and are authorised by the FCA. This means, that they are controlled regularly by the authorities.

TransferWise account fees:

– Creating account: 0 EUR
– TransferWise debit card: 6 EUR

Sign up for Transferwise here:



Monese is a UK company that offers current accounts and money transfer services as an alternative to traditional banks. The mobile-only service provides accounts in GBP, EUR and Romanian leu, and is available in 31 countries across the European Economic Area. Opening your account is easy and only takes a few minutes. You can order a debit card and the mobile app give you a great overview of your financial situation and spendings.

Monese account types and fees

– Simple: 0 EUR / month
– Classic: 5.95 EUR / month
– Premium: 14.95 EUR / month

Sign up for Monese here:



Revolut is also a UK fintech company, founded in 2015 with the headquarters in London. Their solution allows you to receive and send money quickly and safely. Revolut comes with a mobile app and a debit card. Opening an account is easy and only takes a few minutes. The mobile app offers you many options to handle your money: send to family and friends, exchange between currencies, view your spendings and a lot more.

Revolut account types and fees

– Standard: 0 EUR / month
– Premium: 7.99 EUR / month
– Metal: 13.99 EUR / month

Sign up for Revolut here:!G10D21



N26 is a fresh fintech company from Germany, offering a very intuitive mobile app to take control over your finances. You can order a debit card, that comes in 5 different colors and you can choose the one you like best. The account and card works with Apple Pay, so you can use it to pay directly from supported Apple phones. The paid accounts (You and Metal) come with basic travel insurances, up to 5 and 8 free withdrawals within the Euro zone and up to 10 sub-accounts.

N26 account types and fees

– N26 Standard: 0 EUR / month
– N26 You: 9.90 EUR / month
–  N26 Metal: 16.90 EUR / month

Sign up for N26 here:

Share your best selfies and win cash prizes


Make selfies. 📷 Lots of selfies. Use filters. Lots of filters. Share yours photos on SoulCams and win cash prizes! Our photo contest will run between 19 June and 5 July, during that time member can vote for the best photos. Each vote is extra earning for you! On top of the earning from vote, the first 3 Models with the most points will be rewarded extra cash prizes.

1st place: $75

2nd place: $50

3rd place: $25

The simple rules:

– Only upload photos about yourself

– Filters, modifications (Photoshopping) is allowed

– You do not have to show your face

– Softcore, nude or explicit photos are allowed

– The photos can contain text or messages but no websites or other brands should be visible

– Only upload high quality photos 


– You can start uploading photos right away

– Upload your photos to the contest-specific folder at Settings/My images/Contests

– Only active Members can vote

– Be creative! Use filters from your favorite phone app (Snapchat, MSQRD, Photoshop Camera, etc.)

Set tags on your profile

Tags are everywhere today, they are part of our daily life. Tags make the internet more organized, as they are part of any posts made on social networks. Tags are great, because they are flexible and let you choose from existing tags or make up your own. Trending tags show, what other people are looking for and what subjects they are interested in.

This is exactly why we updated our legacy categories and replaced them with tags. You can choose from hundreds of existing ones: just start typing and recommendations will pop up. If you did not find that ones you like or want to add something special, you can set your own tags. These tags will appear on your SoulCams profile page. Viewers can search for these tags and can also browse through all of our tags.

Most of you surely know what tags are and how they work, but for those, who are new to the subject, these are some of the most used tags: #amateur #blonde #ass #boobs #kinky #cam2cam #livecam #fetish and so on. The list is endless, but we recommend that you choose your tags wisely. Don’t list something that is not you (if you are short, don’t add #tall or if you have blonde hair, do not add #brunette). Choose common tag, that are widely used and popular. It’s cool to add #idontlikemondays tag, but chances are, that users will not look for that particular one.

Currently you can add up to 40 different tags in your model account at menu Settings / My profile , which should be sufficient.

Happy tagging! 🙂

Refer new members and get a reward


Refer new members between 14 May and 30 June and get rewarded! First, You will earn up to $300 bonus on each new member you refer. Use your unique referral code on social media websites, blogs, direct messages, you name it. (Read more on our referral bonus) You’ll find your personal referral link on the main page of the Performer Area. To keep track of your referred members, click on the Referrals / Referred members option in the top menu.  

But there is more! Three Models who refer the highest spending Members in that period will earn extra cash prizes! We are giving away $800 as a reward, with the first prize of $500!

Important information:

– Every new member will get 250 tokens for free on their first purchase
German users must complete age verification and they get an additional 150 tokens bonus on the first buy
– You get the $300 bonus for members you referred earlier but did not purchase yet. You can find a list of referred members and their status In the Referrals / Referred members menu.
– The contest prizes will be paid in 3 parts (over 3 payment periods) after the contest. Models must make the minimum earning of $100 in order to get paid.

Stay safe and healthy!

SoulCams Team

Member Referral Contest


Member referral contest

Refer new members between 14 May and 30 June and collect points based on their spending activity. Three Models with the highest spending referred Members will earn cash prizes! We are giving away $800!

You can earn up to $300 referral bonus on each new member you refer. All you have to do is to use your unique referral code and promote it on social media, blogs, direct messages, and so on. You can read the details on our referral bonus system here:

You can find your personal referral link on the main page of the Performer Area. To keep track of your referred members, click on the Referrals / Referred members option in the top menu.

Good to know:

– Every new member will get 100 Welcome Tokens on their first purchase

– German users must complete age verification but they get an additional 150 tokens bonus on the first purchase

– You will get your bonus for members you referred earlier but did not purchase yet. You can find a list of referred members and their status In the Referrals / Referred members menu.

– The contest prizes will be paid in 3 parts (over 3 payment periods) after the contest. Models must make the minimum earning of $100 in order to get paid.

Stay safe and healthy!

SoulCams Team

Livester, the community for cam models

There is a new project in the form of a social space, targeting webcam models, studios and fans. It is called Livester and it is now open for new registrations. You can create your page (timeline) and post useful information, links, media and connect to new people. It is of course adult friendly, you may share explicit content.
The aim is no smaller than being the number one community for the adult webcam industry, bringing together cam models, studios, consultants, affiliates, resource website owners, payment providers and basically everyone involved today in the adult industry.

The site is very similar to Twitter in a way, that you can share short messages as “Toots”, with a limited number of characters. You can of course share images, embed videos, links and promote yourself, your services or your website.

Use of the site is of course free, and your contribution is key to the success.

Create your account today and spread the word!

SoulCams News

We received some feedback from Models that certain emails we send out, would not land in their inbox. It has a lot of reasons, but we see a pattern that Yahoo and Hotmail providers do not want our emails. We do our best that it won’t happen, but we can not guarantee it.


In order to make communication smoother, we set up a SoulCams Models Telegram group. It is a private group, you can join in by clicking the link. From now on we will also share news and updates here.


We have started a new collaboration with, a community space for webcam models and fans. Models can make their own channel (timeline) and share information, links, images and videos. Users can comment on posts and follow each other. You are allowed to share erotic content, just make sure it’s legal and fits the terms.


Our weekly contest is running, you can win cash prizes every week by collecting points. See how you can make more points!

Stay safe and healthy!
SoulCams Team

Rise and Shine and Sexy & Fit contests


Sexy & Fit photo contest
19-30 April

Surprise your fans with exclusive images of you again and earn money with your photos! The topic of the next photo contest is: Sexy & Fit. Share your fitness routine in a photo like posing for an exercise, doing yoga movements, riding a bike, running or just a photo of you working out. The ideas are endless and you can show your creative side.
There is no contest pyramid now for the competition but you still can earn money from the members’ votes and our team will reward the three most creative models with $50 each (Editors’ choice)! You can already upload photos in the Performer Area, by clicking on Settings – My Images and selecting the ‘Sexy_and_Fit photo contest’ folder.

Rise and Shine contest
19-25 April

Take part in our quick contest again and win one of the cash prizes of the total $500! The contest runs between 19-25 April. The aim of the contest is to collect points based on earnings from private shows (standard and 1on1), tips (online tips and virtual gifts count only), online time (free) and collecting likes from members.