Sunshine, flowers and tokens to win!

Hurray, hurray, it’s May again! Sunny days are here and we are happy to announce two awesome contests this month. Both contests offer 5.000 tokens to win! You may of course participate in both contests and have the chance to win in both!


Collect tips and virtual gifts while online and win one of the prizes of 5.000 tokens! Five models with the highest tip earnings will win. Offline tips will not be counted for the contest but of course you will still receive them.


Highest earning Models will be awarded token prizes between 13-21 May. All earnings count. Five of the most successful Models will win token prizes. 5.000 tokens are up for grabs!

Spring contest with huge cash prizes!

Spring is around the corner and we have a few good reasons for you to join us in the celebration. We have a few good offers for March:

Model Contest – 5-20 March

Between 5-20 March, Models will collect points based on private earnings, content sales and tips. Models with the highest scores will win one of the big cash prizes of the 30.000 tokens total prize. The winner takes the main prize of 20.000 tokens (yes, that’s an amazing $1.000!)

New Member Referral Bonus – 5-25 March

Refer new members to SoulCams between 5-25 March and earn $120 for each member! Members must new, with no previous accounts and must purchase 3.000 tokens in order to get the bonus. Use your unique link to ensure that the sign ups are registered to you.

Confirmed New Signups Bonus – 5-25 March

Refer new member signups with a confirmed email address and earn 40 tokens ($2) for each signup. Be fair and do not set up fake accounts or spam.

We are shocked by the terrible and meaningless war in Ukraine. We hope and pray for a peaceful resolution. Our hearts are with the people of Ukraine.

Boost your earnings with us in February!

Boost your earnings with us in February!

Our current contest is still running but we are already excited to announce the next one: the Booster Challenge! You’ll have the chance to boost your earnings in February with up to 20% more. The best thing about our new contest is, that it’s a personal challenge. No competitors, only your own goals. It doesn’t matter, if you are an established Model or just started, regardless of your earnings, you will get a bonus! Here is the deal: during the contest period (10 February – 1 March) your earning will be matched with a bonus percentage.

Every Model account automatically qualifies for the bonus earnings but you need to have a properly filled out profile page and at least 10 high quality photos on your profile. During the challenge, you will see your earnings and your bonus level at the top of the page in the Performers Area. Bonuses will be paid in splits.

Valentine’s Day is coming soon and we are offering some special goodies! Members will be able to send unique Valentine’s Day virtual gifts, try to collect as much as you can. On 14 February Members will have a super token deal with extra token bonuses. Happy Boosting!

Get ready for our new Model Contest!

We hope you are all having a wonderful new year so far! With the new year, comes new ideas, new resolutions and of course, new model contests! We would like to invite models to participate in our very first contest of 2022: the one and only Private Show Contest!

Earn points between 25 January and 7 February after private sessions (both standard and 1on1), member votes (after or during private shows) and win one of the cash prizes of the incredible 40.000 tokens! The winner takes home the whooping first prize of 20.000 tokens! Points are calculated based on private show earnings, which has the highest importance, while member votes are less significant in the point calculation. Members can vote 1 to 5 stars after spending at least 15 minutes in a private session. VIP and Fan Club member votes count double! Get yourself ready and win!

Read more about the contest here: Private Show contest 2022 on SoulCams

Winter Contest on SoulCams


Our winter contest is here! Make all earnings count and collect points from online tips and virtual gifts, private shows, fanclub subscriptions, content sales. The first 12 models will win precious token prizes! The contest starts on 16 December and will end on 31 December. As always, you will find a list of the models and scores throughout the whole contest. All times are CET!

Collect tips while online and win token prizes!

Get into the Halloween 🎃 spirit with our new tip contest and win token prizes! Between 28 October and 3 November, collect virtual gifts and tips from members while online. Members receive 20% more tokens on every second purchase during the contest! Models with the most collected tip amount will win token prizes:

1st place: 3.300 tks
2nd place: 1.500 tks

3rd place: 1.000 tks
4th place: 600 tks
5th place: 400 tks
6th place: 200 tks

You will be able to follow the contest results in real time on SoulCams. Only tips received during online session are counted.

You can still upload your funny, erotic, scary, spooky, etc. short videos to our video contest until 28 November. We are giving away 26.000 tokens in total!

The goal is to get as many views as possible, so all contestants are encouraged to share the published videos on their own social media accounts and our own platforms: Livester and Flixen. Make sure to use the hashtag #scxshorts in your posts! You will be able to follow the view count in real-time on SoulCams. You can find more information on the contest and some great examples here. The winners will be announced at the end of November.

NOTE: All times are in CEST! There is a countdown timer on every contest result page for your convenience.

If you need help or have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us by email!

Short video contest with BIG token prizes!


Following many successful contests, we are now announcing our newest and best contest so far: record and share your short videos to SoulCams and win BIG token prizes! We are giving away 26.000 tokens in total!

Between 18 October and 28 November, models are invited to upload short videos telling a story in 15 to 60 seconds. Participants are allowed to send in multiple entries and their respective scores (essentially, views) will add up. During Oktoberfest and Halloween, models are encouraged to share themed videos, where they can dress up as hot dirndl girls or sexy ghouls. It’s all about creativity!

The goal is to get as many views as possible, so all contestants are encouraged to share the published videos on their own social accounts, the social media site Livester and our video sharing platform Flixen. Make sure to use the hashtag #scxshorts in your posts! You will be able to follow the view count in real-time on SoulCams. Please note, that the contest only allows the submission of free videos, implying that the short stories should be teasing, showcasing talent and showing some nudity, but should not be explicit.

You will find more information on the contest and some great examples here

The winners will be announced at the end of November.

The winner gets 10.000 tokens, the first runner-up gets 7.000 and the second 3.000. We will also present an Editor’s Choice Award, giving away 3.000 tokens each for two lucky and creative content creators.

If you need help or have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us by email!

Refer New Members and Win!


We are proud to announce our new contest, where you can win awesome token prizes! Refer at least 3 new members to SoulCams between 16 July and 31 August and you could win one of the 3 token prizes. We are offering 17.500 tokens for the 3 models with the highest spending of their referred members. Good news: every new member is now entitled to 150 tokens for free on their first purchase (valid for all packages over 200 tokens). On top of the token prizes, you can also earn up to $807 on every new member you refer to us. Find out how it works on our WiKi page.

You can refer members by sharing your referral link on social media platforms (Twitter, Livester, etc.), messaging apps (Telegram, Discord, etc.), your website/blog or sending email to existing contacts. Please respect platform guidelines and do not spam.

The simple rules:

  • Members must use your referral link, which you can find in the Performers Area
  • The Member has to qualify as New. We define new member as someone, who has no account or approved transaction at SoulCams yet
  • The referred member has to make a purchase of at least 300 tokens in order to qualify
  • Do not make account(s) yourself or try to fraud the system (leads to disqualification)
  • You get points based on the spending of your referred member. Only spending on your account counts

You’ll find more information on the referral contest on our WiKi page.

If you have question or need help, contact us!

3 models will win one of these awesome token prizes:

  • 1st place: 10.000 tokens
  • 2nd place: 5.000 tokens
  • 3rd place: 2.500 tokens

If you need help or have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us by email!

Video contest winners


Video contest is over. More than 1000 videos were submitted for the competition which is an awesome achievement from you. Thank you to all the models and content creators for uploading your videos!

Based on the contest announcement, the first three models uploading the most videos win one of the cash prizes of the total 10.000 Tokens.

The winners are:

1. xCuteVal: 5000 Tk
2. TiffanyLynne: 3000 Tk
3. BeatyAngel: 2000 Tk

Also, SoulCams Team decided to reward three other models/content creators (Editors’ Choice) who uploaded minimum 3 awesome, unique videos.

And the Editors’ Choice winners are in alphabetical order:

• girlmystery: 1000 Tk
• GoddessLana: 1000 Tk
• PonyTails: 1000 Tk

Congratulation for all of you!

Video uploading is a constant feature on SoulCams and you can always upload fresh videos of you to surprise your fans and followers.

Good news is that you will be able to sell your image albums also very soon on SoulCams!

As always, we are glad to hear feedback, suggestions from you, so never hesitate to contact us.

SoulCams Team

Image Top

Summer Contest – Play with us and win token prizes!


Summer is finally here and we are all happy to see the world open up again after the longest lockdown ever! We want to celebrate with a Model Contest and we have 12.000 tokens to give away for the winners!

The goal is simple: earn your way to the top by collecting points for live shows, spy sessions, content sales, tips and fanlcub subscriptions.

Seven lucky Models will win awesome token prizes:

1st place: 5.000 tokens
2nd place: 3.000 tokens
3rd place: 2.000 tokens
4th place: 1.000 tokens
– 5th place: 500 tokens
– 6th place: 250 tokens
– 7th place: 150 tokens

Ways to collect points:

– Earnings from private shows, spy sessions, content sales (videos), fan club subscriptions and tips will be counted with the highest score
– You also get points for being online in free chat mode (low score)
– Members vote after / during private show (1-5 points, low score)
– Collect Sun badges from active Members (each Member can give you one badge every 6 hours)
– Collect followers (only active Members count)

You can find more information on the contest here: … 2021-06-24

Did you know?

– Refer new Members and earn up to $807 for each one of them
– Upload and sell your videos for extra income and to win
– You can connect your Lovense device and let Members control it with tips
– You can be part of our free community platform: Livester! Get your account now!

Good luck!

SoulCams Team