Our new payout options are on the way

We are thankful for your patience and understanding regarding the situation with FirstChoicePay. It is still not clear, what exactly will happen but it is almost certain, that FirstChoicePay will notoffer payouts in the future.
Once again, we recommend, that you empty the funds on your cards, either by using it for shopping or picking up cash.

We started negotiations with ePayments last week and we are glad to say, that we have our account approved.
We are now working to implement it as our primary payout platform. With ePayments’ solution, we will be able to pay to any existing ePayments accounts (with prepaid card), Webmoney, YandexMoney and QIWI Wallet.

We will of course keep bank transfer and PayPal.

We have paid everyone, who requested a payment for the 2nd period of March. If you still have a pending payment, please let us know.

Keep an eye on our newsletters for more update!

Best regards,
SoulCams Team

Daily Model Awards wirth $100 cash prize every day!


Winning our Model Awards is an uplifting feeling. It runs every week, and Models can win precious cash prizes. Then we thought, why not make an additional Award, where Models can win every day? Our new Daily Award brings daily cash prizes to one lucky Model, every day! Models winning the Daily Award will automatically get the Model of the Day badge together with the $100 cash prize!

Our weekly Model Awards stays as it is, with a weekly chance of winning.
The new Daily Awards starts as of 30 March, 2018.

The winner of the Daily Award is excluded from next day’s Award. This rule is vital to provide equal chances to all Models and to keep the Daily Award as a motivating feature.



As a quick reminder, we would also like to call your attention to our Member Referral bonus (New Member Bonus). As from 12 March, member referral bonus is available without time restrictions. It’s a great chance to earn extra money, as we pay up to $300 for every new member you refer and an extra 20% commission.


  • April Fools’ Day: April Fools’ day is coming soon. We extend our virtual gifts with some funny ones 31 March – 2 April. Come and check them out!
  • Easter: We’ll be celebrating Easter very soon. We put out some nice Easter-themed virtual gifts. They will be out 31 March-10 April. Enjoy! 🙂

New member bonus on SoulCams – Constant offer!

New member bonus on SoulCams – Constant offer!

We offer new member bonus as a regular feature on SoulCams.
Starting from 12 March, 2018 you can refer as many members as you can and get an incredible bonus of up to $300!

If the member buys altogether 100 SoulCams credits, you will get a new member bonus of $50. If the member buys 200 SoulCams credits more (a total of 300 credits) you get an additional $50 bonus and so on.

Basic facts about Member referral

– You get +20 % lifetime share after each new member you refer to SoulCams.com (this is a fix 70% share). This is a constant offer so feel free to invite new members whenever you wish and enjoy earning more money with them via private shows, voyeur or tips/virtual gifts.
– We created a menu in your performer account with name ‘Referrals / Referred members’ where you can see a list of those users who used your own referral link to sign up or added your performer username to the ‘Referred by’ section during the member account signup procedure.


– The new member has to sign up using your own referral link. Find your own referral URL in your performer account on the very first page in the ‘Referrals’ box. Alternatively you can ask the member to fill in the ‘Referred by’ field with your performer username during the member signup.
– The member has to be new on the site (the member did not make any transactions before on any accounts)

How to invite members?

– If you have a personal website or blog, place your own referral link there. Find your own referral link in your performer account on the very first page.
– Use social media like Twitter for attracting visitors to your room. Ask them to sign up using your own referral link

Why is it better to have your member base on SoulCams?

There are a lot of reasons why it is better to have your member base on SoulCams. Check them out here: Why to have your member base on SoulCams.com

Crown contest

Crowns and diamonds are a girl’s best friends! Join our newest contest, collect Crowns and win the grand prize

Daily cash prizes and a royal grand prize

Join our newest contest to win cash prizes every day, collect crowns and win the grand prize of $1000! The total prize amount is $2625!

The contest starts on 6 March and will run for 15 days, ending on 20 March.

1st place: 3 Crowns (3 points) and $20

2nd place: 2 Crowns (2 points) and $15

3rd place: 1 Crown (1 point) and $10

4th place: $5 (no points)

5th place: $5 (no points)

Every model has the chance to win every day. The total amount of daily cash prize during the contest is $825.
Daily winners will be announced in the Performers Area. Every day, the winner of the previous day will get her profile picture displayed on the front page of SoulCams.

As the contest unfolds, models will gather more and more Crowns, each day. At the end of the contest, 3 models with the most Crowns will win one of the grand prizes!

1st place: $1000
2nd place: $500
3rd place: $300

You can also collect Crowns by getting Diamonds from members. Diamonds can be found on your profile page, under the chat box and you need to collect 30 Diamonds within 24 hours to get an additional Crown.
NOTE: You can only collect 1 Crown in 24 hours this way. Active members (with an approved transaction within 30 days) may give a Diamond every 6 hours.

For example: if you win the daily contest, you’ll get 3 Crowns, which means 3 points. If you also collect the 30 Diamonds from members, you’ll get an additional Crown. At the end of the day, you have 4 Crowns, which is 4 points for you.)

You can find more information about the contest in the Performer Area.


The Camtastic League

Want to be part of our Camtastic League and win? Good, because we seteverything up for our new contest, where 10 lucky models will win cash prizes.

The contest will start on 1st February and will run until 1st March. This time we’ll raise the bar and put $5000 on the table, with the first prize $1500!

1. $1500
2. $1000
3. $800
4. $600
5. $400
6. $300
7. $200
8. $100
9. $50
10. $50

Carnival Photo contest

Between 1 – 12 February, you can upload your best Carnival-themed photos. Be creative, show your funny or weird side and of course, erotic pictures are also welcome! Members can vote on your photos, each vote is 1 credit and you get 50% of the votes you collect!

Photo votes will be included in the Camtastic League contest, so we highly recommend uploading as many photos, as you can. There will be no extra prize for the photo contest.

You can start uploading your photos from 29 Jan. in your performer account at Settings / My images / Contests / Carnival folder.

Read more about the basic photo contest rules, requirements on the following wiki page.

During the contest, You will collect points based on the following events. Each of these events have a multiplier, to balance out the points.

Private shows, voyeurs 1x Private shows (both standard and 1on1) and voyeur
Tips/virtual gifts 0.5x Both tips (online and offline) and virtual gifts count
Photo contest votes 1.2x Take part in our photo contest 1-12 Feb. Photo votes have the highest weight in the contest
Number of ‘Likes’ 0.2x Members can vote for their favorite models. Any active members can vote, every 6 hours, which means a total of 4 votes per day (24 hours). An active members is one who made at least one purchase within the last 30 days. If you are not sure how it looks like, check out this sample image.
Votes after privates 0.2x Members can vote on you after spending at least 5 minutes in private (uninterrupted). Vip votes count as double.
Number of new followers 0.2x Members can mark you as favorite by hitting the ‘Follow’ button at the top of your live camera feed or on your profile
Online time 0.2x Time spent online on the site. Please make sure to switch to ‘Break mode’ or go offline if you need to leave the cam for a longer period. Performers hiding in Members only mode without being in the camera will be disqualified from the contest

Requirements to participate in the contest:

Participation is automatic, however, you must meet these criterias:

  • You must have an active Performer account
  • You must have a properly filled out profile page, with at least 300 characters of text, 10 free photos and 10 members only photos
  • You must have a profile picture where your face is visible

Tips for getting higher points:

  • Refer new members for an extra +20% earning. Higher earnings means more points for you
  • Be active during the contest: online presence is important, as well as keeping your profile page fresh with new photos
  • Communicate with members: use SoulCams’ messaging system to send out free credits or just say hi
  • Promote yourself! Use social media, community websites, your own website or blog to keep your circles updates

Two contests, double the chance

SoulCams September contests 2017

September is going to be an exciting months here at SoulCams! We are starting two contests at the same time and you should participate (and win) in both! Besides boosting your revenue by winning awesome prizes, you can also have fun and show your creative side! Our contests will run between 4 – 20 September 2017 . (Times are in CET!)

Private show contest with daily cash prize

This contest is based on your earnings in the period of 4 – 20 September. As the title suggests, only earnings made from private shows (standard and 1on1) will count. The model who earns most on a given day, will win $50. A new day means a new chance to win! We are giving away a total prize of $850!

You can follow the contest and see the results on our real-time score board. For privacy reasons, we calculate and show points based on your earnings but we will never share your actual earnings.

Summer Memories photo contest

Show your creative side and upload photos of your memories from the summer of 2017! Uploading of the photos will start on 2 September, but members can only start voting on 4 September.

We expect photos that were taken outdoors and should relate to summersunshinebeachsandbikini, etc. We accept both nude and non-nude photos, glamour shots and selfies but please do not upload explicit images.

Members can vote on your photos, by giving you SoulCams credits. You will get 50% share of these credits. VIP member votes mean double the points! We are also rewarding the top 10 Performers with the most voted photos. The total prize of the contest is $660!

1. 150 USD
2. 125 USD
3.  95 USD
4.  80 USD
5.  65 USD
6.  50 USD
7.  35 USD
8.  25 USD
9.  20 USD
10.15 USD

Editors’ Choice Awards

Have no worries, if you have not made it to the top 10, because 2 lucky contestants will get the Editors’ Choice Award! These models will receive 80 Gift credits as a reward. You must upload at least 5 photos to participate!

Money rain gif

Webcam room decoration guide and ideas

Cozy bedroom interior

Having a nice room setup with charming decoration is an important part of creating your online identity. When members look at your stream, they will probably focus on your look and the dress or lingerie you are wearing (or the lack of it) but they will surely notice the room behind you. Working in a clean, well decorated and properly designed room will also have a positive effect on your mood and your earnings. Here are some tips and tricks to make your room or studio look more cozy and how you can update your current decoration even with a low budget.

The secret of colors

Painting your wall with carefully selected colors can have a powerful impact and will not break the bank. You can even do it yourself or invite few friends to help you. Here is a great article about the psychology of colors and how it can affect your mood.

Decoration elements

Give your room a personal touch by adding creative decoration elements. A well-placed picture on the wall, a bookshelf, furnitures and lamps will all add to the ambience of your space. Keep it balanced, don’t make the room look like a flea-market. Let you creativity flow! To give some inspiration, here are some great ideas to start with with.


You can also use wallpaper, wall covering or wall stickers to achieve a special ambience. Be careful, when choosing a pattern! Certain patterns may lead to a so-called Moiré-effect, which can degrade the quality of your camera picture. As a rule of thumb, you should avoid geometric forms of closely packed lines and dots. If you need ideas and inspirations, Pinterest is always a good idea to start with!

Clean and lean

Remember the wisdom: less is more. No need to pack everything in a room, better find a concept and stick to it, you can always change to a new one later. Keep the room clean and tidy; no one wants to see a messy room with clothes thrown on the floor and pizza boxes piled up in the corner.

A messy bedroom

Cable mess

Move away cables, they should not be visible on cam. Use cable organisers, boxes to hide them and to protect yourself. Power and network cables should be secured and placed out of the way.  Falling over these cables can cause serious injury to you and your equipments!

Protect yourself against malware and viruses

Cyber security and human error

Keeping your computer(s) safe should be a number one priority. Not only could you loose precious documents, photos and other important files, but might also affect your work. Computers that are infected are slower and less responsive, so even if you would be able to use it, it would just hang or reboot randomly. The case is even worse, if you become a victim of a virus, that collects information about you and the websites you use without your knowledge. The virus could log your passwords, bank account information or any other personal information, that hackers could use without your knowledge. The bad news is, that cybercrime is a lucrative business and there will always be shady people wanting to steal your data. There is a growing tendency, just look at the news from the past few month about ransomware attacks. It all started with WannaCry (or WannaCrypt) and it’s variants, and continued with a more sophisticated virus, called Petya. These attacks were extremely effective: in just a couple of hours, thousands of computers got infected. The aim of such attacks is to lock down the entire computer by encrypting the content on it and have the user pay for an unlock key. It is like virtual kidnapping.

The good news is, that despite of all the hype and hysteria about these malicious codes, protecting yourself is not that difficult. It might not even cost you a dime, if you keep these simple rules:

Keep your softwares up to date

Make sure that the softwares you use, are up to date. Especially your operating system. You might also want to switch to a newer version of Windows and leave XP, Vista and even Windows 7 behind. Unlike good wine, softwares are not getting any better with age, you better embrace change!

Beware of suspicious emails and attachments

Curiosity is a strong force and hackers know that too. So when you receive an email with a promise of a funny image or video from a stranger, do not fall for it. Same goes to emails that congratulate you on winning the lottery. Simply do not open attachments coming from unknown sources. Checking the real email address of the sender can also help.

Make backup of your data

Making frequent and regular backup of your important files is vital. There are several ways to do it: if you have a USB stick or an external hard disk, you can copy individual files or folder. You can also keep certain folders synchronised automatically, see this tutorial for Windows based system using Briefcase. If you are using a Mac, you can use the Time Machine feature, which also works with most network storages. Another good solution would be to back up your files to a cloud provider, like Google Drive, iCloud, Dropbox and many others.

Install an anti-virus software

For extra protection, you may use an anti-virus software. You still have to make sure, that your operating system is up to date and that you keep the anti-virus software updated. You can find en extensive list of anti-virus softwares for Windows and OSX (Mac) systems.

Keep private and business separated

Try to separate your private life from your business. You can do that, by having to computers, using one for only work and the other one only for private matters and leisure. In case one gets infected, you still have a fully functional computer left.

Software from trusted sources

Only use software from trusted sources, such as the built-in app store in Windows or Mac. If a software is not listed in the store, you can still check the developer’s website or simply run a search in your favourite search engine, to see if the software is safe. Always make sure, if the software you are about to download and install is absolutely needed and is from a safe source.

Online movie websites

There are a huge number of websites providing free streaming of movies and series. First of all, these websites are making money on copyright material, basically by stealing intellectual property. These websites live of advertisements, and will literally cover your browser with unwanted pop-ups, pop-unders, interstitial windows and endless number of ads. One of their dirty tactic is to tell you, that your Flash player needs an update and will make you download and install a software, that is probably containing virus, trojan, malware or all of them. It is actually quite rare, that a website would tell you to install something. Most likely it will be Adobe Flash Player, Java, Microsoft Silverlight and these you should get directly from the official website.

The Grand Cam Contest at SoulCams

The Grand Cam Contest 2017 hosted by SoulCams

Grand Cam Contest 2017

It’s one of the biggest contests in the adult cam industry in 2017. The total cash prize is 11.500 USD with the first place winning an incredible $5000. The idea is simple: Models collect points based on online time, private earnings, tips and user votes. Models with the highest point counts will win.

If you don’t have an account at SoulCams already, head over and sign up quickly!