Make more money in September

Our last promotion in August was such a great success so we decided to continue in September too!

The best thing about it, that you do not have add extra work to earn more money! You only have to work as you would normally do by being online. When your earnings reach $150 or more, we’ll add an extra 5% to your earnings. Reach $500 or more, and we’ll add 10%. If you are one of the cool cats, and earn $1000 or more, we’ll add an extra 15% to your earnings!

Our earnings bonus promotion will run from September 5 until September 25. (All times are CET!) During that time, you will see your earnings and your actual bonus at the top of the Performers Area.

Every account automatically qualifies for the bonus earnings but there is one simple rule: you need to have a properly filled out profile page and at least 5 high quality photos in your profile.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or comments!