Winter Wonderland

We want to make this December a month to remember, by offering a number of contests and ways to make more money!

First, let’s start with our Winter Wonderland contest, where we are giving away $2.000 in cash prizes to seven lucky models! The contest will run between 6-20 December and You can collect points based on your private show earnings (including spy shows), tips (online), likes and online time (free only). NOTE: Private earnings have the highest value when calculating the points.

1. $800
2. $500
3. $300
4. $200
5. $100
6. $50
7. $50

The prices (the full amounts) will be added to your stats right exactly when the contest finishes.

SantaClaus (AKA Nicholas the Wonderworker) will visit the chatrooms throughout December and will reward good models. Good old Santa likes all sorts of Christmas uniforms and outfits, so wear them to make him happy!

During the contest, members can win extra tokens! Seven lucky members with the highest token purchase during the contest will get 10.000 tokens as a sign of our appreciation!