Lust for Life – Photo Contest

Upload your hottest and most erotic photos to SoulCams and let members vote for them! Every vote costs tokens so whenever a member casts a vote on your photo, you earn tokens!

1 point     5 tokens
2 points   10 tokens
3 points   15 tokens
4 points    20 tokens
5 points    25 tokens

The contest starts on 24 August, but you will be able to upload photos already on 22 August. Make sure to upload photos of yourself and only yourself. You must also own the rights for the photos you upload. Using photos of someone else will get you banned from the contest. Each photo you upload will be approved by our staff. Bad quality photos and duplicates will be deleted. The contest runs for 4 weeks and will end on 22 September. You can upload photos by logging in to the Performer Area and navigating to ‘Settings / My images / Contests / Lust for Life’.

Basic rules

– Only registered person can appear on the photos
 – Do not upload the same photos that you already have on your profile page
 – Do not upload duplicates
 – Do not upload photos of someone else
 – Upload high quality, good photos, that are interesting for the members
 – You can upload softcore, nude or explicit photos
 – The face does not have to be visible (you can use a mask or sunglasses)
 – You can modify the photos slightly with Photoshop or decorate it but the main subject (You) should still be the focus of the image
 – No watermarks of other websites allowed on the photo

Our staff will hand pick 5 models with the best photos and these models will win the Editors’ Choice Award with cash prizes! 

1. place: $120
 2. place: $75
 3. place: $50
 4. place: $35
 5. place: $20

TIP: Upload more photos to increase your chance to win the Editor’s Choice! Only the best photos will win and you need to upload at least 10 photos.

Happy snapping!