New payout options available – Choose the best way to get your money

We announced last year our cooperation with ePayments and many of you have chosen that as their primary payout method. At that time they did not offer prepaid cards, but we received the good news last week, that everyone within the EU has now the option to order a new card. Make sure to order an EUR card as we will send money in Euros. Head over to  ePayments website to learn more and order your card today.

We can also pay directly to Webmoney accounts and the option is now also available in the payment settings section. Check out our WiKi page for more information.

By this, you can choose from six different payment methods on SoulCams: wire (bank) transfer, Monese; ePayments; Paxum; PayPal and WebMoney.

You can read more about the available payment methods here:  Payment rules, payment methods on SoulCams

If you have questions about payments or want to suggest a new option, contact us!

The SoulCams Team

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