New payout option and changes

New payout option and changes

Many of you have asked for it and now we have it: we are glad to announce, that from the next payout, we are offering Paxum transfers. Paxum is a fast any easy way to get your money through several ways, including a prepaid card. You can read more on Paxum on our WiKi page.

In order to avoid confusion and keep payments smooth, we are introducing a new policy on changing payout options. This means, that changes to payout can not be made between 1-10 and 16-26 of each month.

We also decided to change the limit for wire transfers to 100 USD/EUR instead of the current 50 USD. For those, who had the limit set to $50, we’ll update the limit automatically. Furthermore, you may now change payout frequency from bi-weekly to monthly. You may change this under Settings – Account and Payment settings – Payout information / Payout interval.

Unfortunately we have no update from ePayments, on when new cards could be ordered. We will of course notify everyone if we have more information.

As always, if you have any questions or suggestions, let us know!

The SoulCams Team

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