Important: payout options update

We have been busy implementing new payment options in the past few weeks. We also paid every model and studio who changed their payment methods. We currently offer the following payment methods: Bank transfer, ePayments, Webmoney and PayPal. According to ePayments, new card issuing is suspended but they told us, that it will be back soon. We will notify everyone about the status of new card ordering.

We strongly recommend everyone to set up an ePayments account as it might take a few days to get approved.

There is also a change in payout currency, as from now on we are sending all payouts in EUR instead of USD. For most Studios and Models this should not affect payouts, as we are using up-to-date and fair conversion rates provided by If you absolutely need payout in USD, we can arrange it for you, but only for bank (wire) transfers.

In case you have your ePayments, PayPal or Bank account in a different currency than EUR, we strongly recommend to set up a separate EUR account. Our previous experiences show, that PayPal conversion rates are rather high and you should only choose this option, if you can receive payments in EUR.

You can read more about ePayments on their official website ( and also on the SoulCams WiKi page

If you have any questions, concerns or suggestion, contact us!

The SoulCams Team

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