The Camtastic League

Want to be part of our Camtastic League and win? Good, because we seteverything up for our new contest, where 10 lucky models will win cash prizes.

The contest will start on 1st February and will run until 1st March. This time we’ll raise the bar and put $5000 on the table, with the first prize $1500!

1. $1500
2. $1000
3. $800
4. $600
5. $400
6. $300
7. $200
8. $100
9. $50
10. $50

Carnival Photo contest

Between 1 – 12 February, you can upload your best Carnival-themed photos. Be creative, show your funny or weird side and of course, erotic pictures are also welcome! Members can vote on your photos, each vote is 1 credit and you get 50% of the votes you collect!

Photo votes will be included in the Camtastic League contest, so we highly recommend uploading as many photos, as you can. There will be no extra prize for the photo contest.

You can start uploading your photos from 29 Jan. in your performer account at Settings / My images / Contests / Carnival folder.

Read more about the basic photo contest rules, requirements on the following wiki page.

During the contest, You will collect points based on the following events. Each of these events have a multiplier, to balance out the points.

Private shows, voyeurs 1x Private shows (both standard and 1on1) and voyeur
Tips/virtual gifts 0.5x Both tips (online and offline) and virtual gifts count
Photo contest votes 1.2x Take part in our photo contest 1-12 Feb. Photo votes have the highest weight in the contest
Number of ‘Likes’ 0.2x Members can vote for their favorite models. Any active members can vote, every 6 hours, which means a total of 4 votes per day (24 hours). An active members is one who made at least one purchase within the last 30 days. If you are not sure how it looks like, check out this sample image.
Votes after privates 0.2x Members can vote on you after spending at least 5 minutes in private (uninterrupted). Vip votes count as double.
Number of new followers 0.2x Members can mark you as favorite by hitting the ‘Follow’ button at the top of your live camera feed or on your profile
Online time 0.2x Time spent online on the site. Please make sure to switch to ‘Break mode’ or go offline if you need to leave the cam for a longer period. Performers hiding in Members only mode without being in the camera will be disqualified from the contest

Requirements to participate in the contest:

Participation is automatic, however, you must meet these criterias:

  • You must have an active Performer account
  • You must have a properly filled out profile page, with at least 300 characters of text, 10 free photos and 10 members only photos
  • You must have a profile picture where your face is visible

Tips for getting higher points:

  • Refer new members for an extra +20% earning. Higher earnings means more points for you
  • Be active during the contest: online presence is important, as well as keeping your profile page fresh with new photos
  • Communicate with members: use SoulCams’ messaging system to send out free credits or just say hi
  • Promote yourself! Use social media, community websites, your own website or blog to keep your circles updates

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