Take it or leave it – $800 cash prize

Our new contest is starting soon and now you’ll have the chance to win $800 in cash prizes! You collect points based on your earnings from private shows (standard and 1on1 private) during the contest period of September 6 – 16. The top 5 models will win big cash prizes, with the first prize of $400!

Meanwhile, members can benefit from our purchase bonus between September 6 – 9, which can really boost your contest position!

New high-quality streaming web app

Our new streaming solution, SoulCast is now available and we recommend that you switch from the old Flash based client to the new one! It is a preview (beta test) version, so minor bugs or errors may occur. Your feedback is very important, please report anything you find to support@soulcams.com.

The benefits of using SoulCast:

– Superior quality, crystal clear picture
– High quality mobile stream with sound
– 16:9 streaming (optional)
– Streamlined user interface
– The Flash based solution will still be available for a while, you can use it for streaming as before.

Important: cam 2 cam and voice 2 voice features are not available yet in the new SoulCast streaming web app. We work hard to implement it as soon as possible. You can find a quick tutorial on the SoulCast app on our WIKI page

Flower Power


Flower Power! Play with us in our next contest and earn awesome cash prizes! Collect points based on your earnings from standard and 1on1 private shows between August 8 – 18 and you can win one of the cash prizes! 5 lucky models will have the chance to get one of the $800 cash prizes in our new contest. The winning model will take the first prize of $400!

Big cash prizes are up for grabs!

The quest for the cash begins with our new Model contest

Let the quest for cash begin! Between July 23 and August 3, you can win one of the 5 cash prizes! Yes, we are giving away $800 in cash prizes for 5 lucky models. In this contest, you collect points based on your earnings from standard and 1on1 private shows. The winning model will take the first prize of $400! Let the best win the quest!

New HD broadcast is coming + Monese payouts

Our new HD broadcast software is on the way

In the past few months, we have been working on a new project. It was quite challenging but the results are quite amazing! As we prepare to phase out the old Flash technology, we give way to a new and modern broadcast software. In just a few days, you will be able to test the new technology yourself, as we roll out a public beta test.

In the test version, certain features will be disabled or reduced. You might also encounter minor bugs, so your help and error reports are highly appreciated.

Known limitations of the test version:

In the beta test version, the cam2cam function and full screen video with chat is not available. They will be implemented in the final version. We recommend using Chrome or Firefox browsers.

To read more about the new SoulCast software, read our FAQ.

New payout option available – Monese


Monese is a UK based Fintech company, that offers current accounts and money transfer services as an alternative to traditional banks. It is basically a complete banking service on your mobile phone. You get your own account number (IBAN) and can receive or send money. You can also order your Monese debit card, which you can use to pay for goods or services and pick up cash at ATMs. You can read more about Monese on our WIKI page.

Use our invite code: HJLMETZZ when you sign up and receive 5 EUR gift from Monese!

The SoulCams Team

New payout option and changes

New payout option and changes

Many of you have asked for it and now we have it: we are glad to announce, that from the next payout, we are offering Paxum transfers. Paxum is a fast any easy way to get your money through several ways, including a prepaid card. You can read more on Paxum on our WiKi page.

In order to avoid confusion and keep payments smooth, we are introducing a new policy on changing payout options. This means, that changes to payout can not be made between 1-10 and 16-26 of each month.

We also decided to change the limit for wire transfers to 100 USD/EUR instead of the current 50 USD. For those, who had the limit set to $50, we’ll update the limit automatically. Furthermore, you may now change payout frequency from bi-weekly to monthly. You may change this under Settings – Account and Payment settings – Payout information / Payout interval.

Unfortunately we have no update from ePayments, on when new cards could be ordered. We will of course notify everyone if we have more information.

As always, if you have any questions or suggestions, let us know!

The SoulCams Team

Summertime Madness Contest on SoulCams





Time to buckle up and take a ride with us! Our Summertime Madness Contest is here and you can win cash prizes with us between 1-22 June!

We are giving away a total of 2000 USD:

1) Bikini Photo contest: 1-22 June. Total prize: 600 USD + 2×100 Gift credits (Editors’ Choice)
2) Crown contest:  1-10 June and 13-22 June.  Total prize: 700 USD + 700 USD = 1400 USD

Bikini photo contest, 1-22 June:

Be the hottest bikini girl on SoulCams.com between 1-22 June, 2018., collect ‘likes’ from our members and win!
You can upload your contest images in your gallery at menu: Settings / My images / Contests / Bikini.
5 Models collecting the most points during the photo contest will win cash prizes.
One member account can ‘like’ one photo contest image once in every 6 hours.

Basic rules:

– You may upload both nude and non-nude photos, just make sure they are high quality. Both indoor and outdoor photos are accepted.
– You can upload as many images as you wish until they meet the criterias
– Manipulated photos or images with effects can be accepted only if they are done in a tasteful way and with good quality.
– Photos you already uploaded for previous photo contests or already uploaded in your gallery will not be accepted
– Images downloaded from the internet or images that are not yours will be automatically disapproved and you may be disqualified from the contest

Editor’s Choice Awards: at the end of the contest, SoulCams will announce 2 Editors’ Choice Winners. In order to participate in the ‘Editors’ Choice selection, you need to have minimum 10, good-quality images uploaded for the contest. Each of the chosen winners will win 100 gift credit (These winners will be selected by the editors of SoulCams.com and are not based on the collected likes)

Crown contest, 1-10 June and 13-22 June

Based on the success of the previous crown contest, you can collect crowns and diamonds again to win cash prizes with us!
This time, the contest is divided into two parts. Both contests are totally the same with a break of two days between them.

Starting on 1 June, you can collect points after earning from private shows (standard and 1on1) and for online time. Based on our formula, earnings from privates have a higher significance (80%) while online time is calculated with 20%.
Based on the points collected, each day 3 models will get crowns, based on their placements.
You can also collect Crowns by getting Diamonds from members. Diamonds can be found on your profile page, under the chat box and you need to collect 50 points by collecting Diamonds within 24 hours to get an additional Crown.
One member account can give you a diamond once in every 6 hours.

For the full description of the contest please check out the very first page in your performer area.

Good luck!

SoulCams Team

Important: payout options update

We have been busy implementing new payment options in the past few weeks. We also paid every model and studio who changed their payment methods. We currently offer the following payment methods: Bank transfer, ePayments, Webmoney and PayPal. According to ePayments, new card issuing is suspended but they told us, that it will be back soon. We will notify everyone about the status of new card ordering.

We strongly recommend everyone to set up an ePayments account as it might take a few days to get approved.

There is also a change in payout currency, as from now on we are sending all payouts in EUR instead of USD. For most Studios and Models this should not affect payouts, as we are using up-to-date and fair conversion rates provided by xe.com. If you absolutely need payout in USD, we can arrange it for you, but only for bank (wire) transfers.

In case you have your ePayments, PayPal or Bank account in a different currency than EUR, we strongly recommend to set up a separate EUR account. Our previous experiences show, that PayPal conversion rates are rather high and you should only choose this option, if you can receive payments in EUR.

You can read more about ePayments on their official website (https://www.epayments.com/) and also on the SoulCams WiKi page

If you have any questions, concerns or suggestion, contact us!

The SoulCams Team

Hurray for May contest, 5-15 May

Thank you for participating in our Daily Awards, we hope it  was fun and many of you won the $100 daily prize. Our Daily Awards is now ending for a while, but only to give way to other exciting and fun games and contests! The Daily Awards is going to end on Friday (at midnight CET) but will back from time to time as a special event.

Hurray for May Contest

Get energized for the summer with our new contest between 5 – 15 May!
Be one of the 6 lucky Models to win one of the cool cash prizes of $1000. Collect points based on your earnings (private shows), online time (low impact) and new members you refer.
The winner with the most point will take the main prize of $500 !

Referring new members to SoulCams will increase both your earnings and your contest points:

We wish you a wonderful May and hope, that you will all participate in our new contest.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!

The SoulCams Team

Our new payout options are on the way

We are thankful for your patience and understanding regarding the situation with FirstChoicePay. It is still not clear, what exactly will happen but it is almost certain, that FirstChoicePay will notoffer payouts in the future.
Once again, we recommend, that you empty the funds on your cards, either by using it for shopping or picking up cash.

We started negotiations with ePayments last week and we are glad to say, that we have our account approved.
We are now working to implement it as our primary payout platform. With ePayments’ solution, we will be able to pay to any existing ePayments accounts (with prepaid card), Webmoney, YandexMoney and QIWI Wallet.

We will of course keep bank transfer and PayPal.

We have paid everyone, who requested a payment for the 2nd period of March. If you still have a pending payment, please let us know.

Keep an eye on our newsletters for more update!

Best regards,
SoulCams Team