Boost your earnings with us in February!

Our current contest is still running but we are already excited to announce the next one: the Booster Challenge! You’ll have the chance to boost your earnings in February with up to 20% more. The best thing about our new contest is, that it’s a personal challenge. No competitors, only your own goals. It doesn’t matter, if you are an established Model or just started, regardless of your earnings, you will get a bonus! Here is the deal: during the contest period (10 February – 1 March) your earning will be matched with a bonus percentage.

Every Model account automatically qualifies for the bonus earnings but you need to have a properly filled out profile page and at least 10 high quality photos on your profile. During the challenge, you will see your earnings and your bonus level at the top of the page in the Performers Area. Bonuses will be paid in splits.

Valentine’s Day is coming soon and we are offering some special goodies! Members will be able to send unique Valentine’s Day virtual gifts, try to collect as much as you can. On 14 February Members will have a super token deal with extra token bonuses. Happy Boosting!