Upload your videos and earn money when you’re offline

We are excited to announce that you can now upload and sell your videos at SoulCams! The feature is available directly from the Performers Area top menu. This is a great way to get extra revenue and make your videos do the earning while you are offline. It is works well as an incentive to Members and to keep them coming back for more fresh content.

The whole process is quick and simple: just upload your video, then add title, description and a few tags and you are done! The video will be checked by our staff and you will be notified once it is approved. In case the video is rejected, we’ll send a message with the reasons. If you have any technical issues, our staff is ready to help.

This is a big step towards becoming a content hub for many Models and we are extremely proud of the new feature. Any feedback or suggestion is welcome!

You can read more about selling your videos on the SoulCams wiki page

We have also made a list of reasons why you should sell your videos on SoulCams:

1. SoulCams is an established webcam platform and community. Users trust the brand and they keep coming back to our website for years.
2. We respect your privacy. As a matter of fact, we think your privacy is one of our highest priorities. All content you share on SoulCams, belongs to you and you control it. You can add or remove any content any time.
3. We will never use your content as promotional material, unless you explicitly tell us to do so.
4. Your privacy settings, including the list of banned countries and states are also applied to your videos
5. We provide first class support. Technical help, take-down requests, payout, you name it. We’ll take care of it quickly and efficiently.
6. We provide detailed statistics on which videos you sold to which member so you always know, what type of content you need to create.
7. There are no chargebacks! Read our policy here
8. It is super easy to add new videos. You only need to upload the video and add the title, description and tags and you are all set! We even offer you the most often used tags
9. Even if you sell your videos on other platforms already, it makes perfectly sense to upload them to SoulCams. More websites mean more revenue!
10. Combining live cams and video content is the best way to make money. Your fans will keep coming back if you make good content. Did we mention we also have a Fan club??

As usual, if you have questions or need help contact our Support Team!

Stay safe and healthy!