Share your best selfies and win cash prizes


Make selfies. đŸ“· Lots of selfies. Use filters. Lots of filters. Share yours photos on SoulCams and win cash prizes! Our photo contest will run between 19 June and 5 July, during that time member can vote for the best photos. Each vote is extra earning for you! On top of the earning from vote, the first 3 Models with the most points will be rewarded extra cash prizes.

1st place: $75

2nd place: $50

3rd place: $25

The simple rules:

– Only upload photos about yourself

– Filters, modifications (Photoshopping) is allowed

– You do not have to show your face

– Softcore, nude or explicit photos are allowed

– The photos can contain text or messages but no websites or other brands should be visible

– Only upload high quality photos 


– You can start uploading photos right away

– Upload your photos to the contest-specific folder at Settings/My images/Contests

– Only active Members can vote

– Be creative! Use filters from your favorite phone app (Snapchat, MSQRD, Photoshop Camera, etc.)