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Time to buckle up and take a ride with us! Our Summertime Madness Contest is here and you can win cash prizes with us between 1-22 June!

We are giving away a total of 2000 USD:

1) Bikini Photo contest: 1-22 June. Total prize: 600 USD + 2×100 Gift credits (Editors’ Choice)
2) Crown contest:  1-10 June and 13-22 June.  Total prize: 700 USD + 700 USD = 1400 USD

Bikini photo contest, 1-22 June:

Be the hottest bikini girl on between 1-22 June, 2018., collect ‘likes’ from our members and win!
You can upload your contest images in your gallery at menu: Settings / My images / Contests / Bikini.
5 Models collecting the most points during the photo contest will win cash prizes.
One member account can ‘like’ one photo contest image once in every 6 hours.

Basic rules:

– You may upload both nude and non-nude photos, just make sure they are high quality. Both indoor and outdoor photos are accepted.
– You can upload as many images as you wish until they meet the criterias
– Manipulated photos or images with effects can be accepted only if they are done in a tasteful way and with good quality.
– Photos you already uploaded for previous photo contests or already uploaded in your gallery will not be accepted
– Images downloaded from the internet or images that are not yours will be automatically disapproved and you may be disqualified from the contest

Editor’s Choice Awards: at the end of the contest, SoulCams will announce 2 Editors’ Choice Winners. In order to participate in the ‘Editors’ Choice selection, you need to have minimum 10, good-quality images uploaded for the contest. Each of the chosen winners will win 100 gift credit (These winners will be selected by the editors of and are not based on the collected likes)

Crown contest, 1-10 June and 13-22 June

Based on the success of the previous crown contest, you can collect crowns and diamonds again to win cash prizes with us!
This time, the contest is divided into two parts. Both contests are totally the same with a break of two days between them.

Starting on 1 June, you can collect points after earning from private shows (standard and 1on1) and for online time. Based on our formula, earnings from privates have a higher significance (80%) while online time is calculated with 20%.
Based on the points collected, each day 3 models will get crowns, based on their placements.
You can also collect Crowns by getting Diamonds from members. Diamonds can be found on your profile page, under the chat box and you need to collect 50 points by collecting Diamonds within 24 hours to get an additional Crown.
One member account can give you a diamond once in every 6 hours.

For the full description of the contest please check out the very first page in your performer area.

Good luck!

SoulCams Team

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