Webcam room decoration guide and ideas

Cozy bedroom interior

Having a nice room setup with charming decoration is an important part of creating your online identity. When members look at your stream, they will probably focus on your look and the dress or lingerie you are wearing (or the lack of it) but they will surely notice the room behind you. Working in a clean, well decorated and properly designed room will also have a positive effect on your mood and your earnings. Here are some tips and tricks to make your room or studio look more cozy and how you can update your current decoration even with a low budget.

The secret of colors

Painting your wall with carefully selected colors can have a powerful impact and will not break the bank. You can even do it yourself or invite few friends to help you. Here is a great article about the psychology of colors and how it can affect your mood.

Decoration elements

Give your room a personal touch by adding creative decoration elements. A well-placed picture on the wall, a bookshelf, furnitures and lamps will all add to the ambience of your space. Keep it balanced, don’t make the room look like a flea-market. Let you creativity flow! To give some inspiration, here are some great ideas to start with with.


You can also use wallpaper, wall covering or wall stickers to achieve a special ambience. Be careful, when choosing a pattern! Certain patterns may lead to a so-called Moiré-effect, which can degrade the quality of your camera picture. As a rule of thumb, you should avoid geometric forms of closely packed lines and dots. If you need ideas and inspirations, Pinterest is always a good idea to start with!

Clean and lean

Remember the wisdom: less is more. No need to pack everything in a room, better find a concept and stick to it, you can always change to a new one later. Keep the room clean and tidy; no one wants to see a messy room with clothes thrown on the floor and pizza boxes piled up in the corner.

A messy bedroom

Cable mess

Move away cables, they should not be visible on cam. Use cable organisers, boxes to hide them and to protect yourself. Power and network cables should be secured and placed out of the way.  Falling over these cables can cause serious injury to you and your equipments!

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